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ExDoc produces HTML and online documentation for Elixir projects
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ExDoc is a tool to generate documentation for your Elixir projects. In case you are looking for documentation for Elixir itself, check out Elixir's website.

Using ExDoc with Mix

To use ExDoc in your Mix projects, first add ExDoc as a dependency:

def deps do
  [{:earmark, "~> 0.1", only: :dev},
   {:ex_doc, "~> 0.7", only: :dev}]

After adding ExDoc as a dependency, run mix deps.get to install it.

ExDoc will automatically pull in information from your project, like the application and version. However, you may want to set :name, :source_url and :homepage_url to have a nicer output from ExDoc, for example:

def project do
  [app: :repo
   version: "0.1.0-dev",
   name: "REPO",
   source_url: "",
   homepage_url: "http://YOUR_PROJECT_HOMEPAGE"
   deps: deps]

Now you are ready to generate your project documentation with mix docs.

Using ExDoc via command line

You can ExDoc via the command line as follows:

  1. First clone and compile it:

    git clone
    cd ex_doc
    mix do deps.get, compile
  2. Then you are ready to use it in your projects. First move into your project directory and ensure it is compiled:

    mix compile
  3. Next invoke the ex_doc executable from your project:

    PATH_TO_YOUR_EXDOC/bin/ex_doc "PROJECT_NAME" "PROJECT_VERSION" path/to/project/ebin -m "PROJECT_MODULE" -u ""

For example, here are some acceptable values:

PROJECT_NAME    => Dynamo
PROJECT_MODULE  => Ecto (the main module provided by the library)
GITHUB_USER     => elixir-lang
GITHUB_REPO     => ecto

Changing the Markdown tool

In the examples above, we have used Earmark to convert Markdown to HTML. If you prefer, you can also use pandoc or hoedown (in C):

  • Install pandoc - which is available in multiple package managers and provides installers for different operating systems. Pandoc must be installed just once and it will be used for all projects;

  • To use hoedown - add as a dependency to your project as: {:markdown, github: "devinus/markdown"}

Then add the entry:

config :ex_doc, :markdown_processor, ExDoc.Markdown.Pandoc  # or ExDoc.Markdown.Hoedown

to your config/config.exs file.

To see all options available when generating docs, just run mix help docs.


ExDoc source code is released under Apache 2 License with snippets under MIT-LICENSE.

Check LICENSE file for more information.

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