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A Django forum engine for building powerful community driven websites.

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Django-machina is a forum framework for Django providing a way to build community-driven websites. It offers a full-featured yet very extensible forum solution:

  • Topic and post editing
  • Forums tree management
  • Per-forum permissions
  • Anonymous posting
  • Polls and attachments
  • Moderation and pre-moderation
  • Forum conversations search
  • ...

Django-machina was built with integration in mind: the application is designed to be used inside existing Django applications. It is not a standalone forum solution.

Django-machina was built with customization and extensibility in mind: each single functionality of the application can be customized or overriden to accommodate with your needs.


Online browsable documentation is available at

Head over to the documentation for all the details on how to set up your forum and how to customize it to suit your needs.


Python 3.6+, Django 3.2+. Please refer to the requirements section of the documentation for a full list of dependencies.


Morgan Aubert (@ellmetha) and contributors. See AUTHORS for more details.


BSD. See LICENSE for more details.