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Internet Remote Switching with ezTCP via Modbus/TCP (Python 3)
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Internet Remote Switching with ezTCP via Modbus/TCP (Python 3)

by Oliver Thamm - Elektronikladen Microcomputer


This test example demonstrates how to access an ezTCP Remote I/O-Controller model CIE-H10 / CIE-H12 / CIE-H14 (Sollae Systems) via Modbus/TCP protocol using Python 3




Requires EasyModbusTCP/UDP/RTU Python by Stefan Rossmann:

To install, just place ZIP contents into same directory.

CIE-H1x Configuration

Network settings

  • use ezManager tool (Windows) to select basic IP settings matching your local network configuration

I/O Port settings

  • Modbus/TCP enabled
  • Slave
  • unit = 1
  • output port base = 9
  • passive connection
  • local port 502

Copyright, License

This software is Copyright (C)2017 by ELMICRO -
and may be freely used, modified and distributed under the terms
of the MIT License - see accompanying for details


[1] Wikipedia: Modbus communications protocol
[2] Sollae Systems - ezTCP

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