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Seltzer CRM 0.8.4 - An open source CRM for hackerspaces Copyright 2009-2024 Edward L. Platt Distributed under GPLv3 (see COPYING for more info)


  1. Overview
  2. Installation and Usage


Seltzer CRM is a tool for managing membership data at hackerspaces and similar membership organizations. It is designed to be useful to a typical hackerspace administrator without any training, and easy to tailor to the needs of a particular space through modularity rather than modification or configuration.

The current features are:

  • Tracking of member contact and emergency contact info
  • Tracking of membership levels and dates
  • Automated Billing
  • Amazon Payments integration (deprecated)
  • PayPal integration
  • Tracking of RFID key assignments
  • Track members' mentors
  • Customizable permissions and roles

Why create another CRM? There are a number of powerful CRMs out there already, including the open source CiviCRM. However, we found the complexity of existing CRMs to be an obstacle to recruiting and training volunteers at member-run organizations such as hackerspaces. Seltzer CRM has a very basic feature set tailored to the needs of a hackerspace.

Seltzer has been in production use at the i3 Detroit hackerspace in Ferndale, MI since 2010-12-20.

Installation and Usage

For more information on using Seltzer CRM, see the wiki. Installation instructions are in the INSTALL file and on the wiki here.