Helm sources and functions for browsing and switching to EXWM buffers
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Helm for EXWM, the Emacs X Window Manager.

Helm-EXWM defines two new sources: one for a customizable selection of EXWM buffers, one for the rest of Emacs buffers. This allows to effectively separate Emacs buffers from EXWM buffers in helm-mini.

  • Run helm-exwm to spawn a Helm session of all EXWM buffers.
  • Call (helm-exwm FILTER) to spawn a Helm session of all EXWM buffers for which the FILTER function returns non-nil. See the documentation string of helm-exwm for an example.
  • To define a source of filtered EXWM buffers, use (setq my-helm-exwm-source (helm-exwm-build-source FILTER)).
  • Enable follow-mode with (add-to-list 'helm-source-names-using-follow "EXWM buffers").

Helm-EXWM also provides the helm-exwm-switch helper function for switching to EXWM-supported programs. It uses Helm to switch between the windows owned by one or several specific programs.

Helm-EXWM provides two default switchers for browse-url-generic-program. See helm-exwm-switch-browser and helm-exwm-switch-browser-other-window. Those switchers are most useful when bound to global keys.