Emacs X Window Manager
Emacs Lisp
Latest commit 52dc261 Mar 4, 2017 @ch11ng Manually run `focus-in-hook' and `focus-out-hook'
; Since X windows are managed by EXWM, the current Emacs frame should
always be considered focused logically.

* exwm-workspace.el (exwm-workspace-switch): Manually run
`focus-in-hook' and `focus-out-hook'.
(exwm-workspace--handle-focus-in, exwm-workspace--handle-focus-out):
New functions for overriding `handle-focus-in' and `handle-focus-out'.
(exwm-workspace--init, exwm-workspace--exit): Override
`handle-focus-in' and `handle-focus-out'


Emacs X Window Manager

EXWM (Emacs X Window Manager) is a full-featured tiling X window manager for Emacs built on top of XELB. It features:

  • Fully keyboard-driven operations
  • Hybrid layout modes (tiling & stacking)
  • Dynamic workspace support
  • ICCCM/EWMH compliance
  • (Optional) RandR (multi-monitor) support
  • (Optional) Built-in compositing manager
  • (Optional) Built-in system tray

Please check out the screenshots to get an overview of what EXWM is capable of, and the user guide for a detailed explanation of its usage.

Note: If you install EXWM from source, it's recommended to install XELB also from source (otherwise install both from GNU ELPA).