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When `lsp-use-plists` is t, `lsp-request` returns a single plist
(of form (:key val ...) or a list of plists.

Previously, when `lsp-use-plists` was t and a single plist was returned,
the plist wasn't wrapped into a list, causing the subsequent code to

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Table of Contents


This package contains all the higher level UI modules of lsp-mode, like flycheck support and code lenses.

By default, lsp-mode automatically activates lsp-ui unless lsp-auto-configure is set to nil.

You only have to put (use-package lsp-ui) in your config and the package will work out of the box. (use-package)

Or use the builtin package manager.

M-x package-install [RET] lsp-ui [RET]


Show informations of the symbols on the current line. It also show flycheck diagnostics and LSP code actions lsp-line


  • lsp-ui-sideline-show-diagnostics show diagnostics messages in sideline
  • lsp-ui-sideline-show-hover show hover messages in sideline
  • lsp-ui-sideline-show-code-actions show code actions in sideline
  • lsp-ui-sideline-update-mode When set to 'line' the information will be updated when user changes current line otherwise the information will be updated when user changes current point
  • lsp-ui-sideline-delay seconds to wait before showing sideline


Add peek feature lsp-xref

You may remap xref-find-{definitions,references} (bound to M-. M-? by default):

(define-key lsp-ui-mode-map [remap xref-find-definitions] #'lsp-ui-peek-find-definitions)
(define-key lsp-ui-mode-map [remap xref-find-references] #'lsp-ui-peek-find-references)

There is a window-local jump list dedicated to cross references:


Other cross references:

(lsp-ui-peek-find-workspace-symbol "pattern 0")
;; If the server supports custom cross references
(lsp-ui-peek-find-custom 'base "$cquery/base")


  • lsp-ui-peek-enable enable ‘lsp-ui-peek’
  • lsp-ui-peek-show-directory show the directory of files


Show object documentation at point in a child frame. lsp-ui-doc

Show documentation in a WebKit widget lsp-ui-doc-webkit

Focus into lsp-ui-doc-frame lsp-ui-doc-focus-frame


  • lsp-ui-doc-enable enable lsp-ui-doc
  • lsp-ui-doc-position Where to display the doc
  • lsp-ui-doc-delay Number of seconds before showing the doc
  • lsp-ui-doc-show-with-cursor When non-nil, move the cursor over a symbol to show the doc
  • lsp-ui-doc-show-with-mouse When non-nil, move the mouse pointer over a symbol to show the doc


Show imenu entries.



  • lsp-ui-imenu-kind-position place to show entries kind
  • lsp-ui-imenu-buffer-position place to show the buffer window
  • lsp-ui-imenu-window-width set window width
  • lsp-ui-imenu-window-fix-width when non-nil, the window will not be resizable (eg. unaffected by balance-windows)
  • lsp-ui-imenu--custom-mode-line-format mode line format
  • lsp-ui-imenu-auto-refresh auto refresh when necessary
  • lsp-ui-imenu-refresh-delay delay to refresh imenu


Any kind of help is appreciated. If you want to help us maintaining this package, leave a note.