Diminished modes are minor modes with no modeline display
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When we diminish a mode, we are saying we want it to continue doing its work for us, but we no longer want to be reminded of it. It becomes a night worker, like a janitor; it becomes an invisible man; it remains a component, perhaps an important one, sometimes an indispensable one, of the mechanism that maintains the day-people's world, but its place in their thoughts is diminished, usually to nothing. As we grow old we diminish more and more such thoughts, such people, usually to nothing. -- Will Mengarini

This package implements hiding or abbreviation of the mode line displays (lighters) of minor-modes.

Quick start

(require 'diminish)
;; Hide jiggle-mode lighter from mode line
(diminish 'jiggle-mode)
;; Replace abbrev-mode lighter with "Abv"
(diminish 'abbrev-mode "Abv")

John Wiegley's use-package macro also has support for diminish.el.


diminish.el was created by Will Mengarini on 19th of February 1998 and is now maintained by Martin Yrjölä.