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;;; shampoo-dict.el --- Shampoo aux dictionary object
;; Copyright (C) 2010 - 2012 Dmitry Matveev <>
;; This software is released under terms of the MIT license,
;; please refer to the LICENSE file for details.
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(defun make-shampoo-dict ()
(defun* shampoo-dict-put (&key key value into)
(puthash key value into))
(defun shampoo-dict-drop (key data)
(remhash key data))
(defun shampoo-dict-apply (key f data)
(let ((v (shampoo-dict-get key data)))
(shampoo-dict-put :key key :value (funcall f v) :into data)))
(defun shampoo-dict-apply-many (keys f data)
(dolist (k keys)
(shampoo-dict-apply k f data))
(defun shampoo-dict-get (key data)
(gethash key data))
(defun shampoo-dict-has (key data)
(not (null (shampoo-dict-get key data))))
(defun shampoo-dict-binder-for-regexp (class-data)
(lexical-let ((d class-data))
(lambda (key value)
(shampoo-dict-put :key key :value value :into d))))
(provide 'shampoo-dict)
;;; shampoo-dict.el ends here.