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+Portable EMG is an open hardware based project.
Raw Idea :
The idea is to come up with a open hardware and open software based Portable EMG Data Logger targeted for Medical Use. It will be based on ARM and will be built using open technologies.
It would be somewhat like this :
EMG Sensor ----> MCU & Peripherals ----> Analytics To SmartPhone/Tablet/PC/Mac
Micro Controller & Development/Evaluation Board :
-ARM Cortex M4F
-STM32F4DISCOVERY will be used to develop the application.
+ ARM Cortex M4F
+ STM32F4DISCOVERY will be used to develop the application.
How Data Will Be Viewed On SmartPhone/Tablets/PC/Mac ?
We are planning to make use of GNU Health. GNU Health is a free Health and Hospital Information System with the following functionality :
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Hospital Information System (HIS)
Health Information System
-Wiki Page :
+Wiki Page :

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