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Running PJSIP on STM32F7Discovery

Demo video with sip_nuklear demo is here.

You can see more details about PJSIP on Embox here

Embox is able to run PJSIP on the following boards:

Configure and Build Embox
  • You have to build Embox for your target board as described on this wiki page
Load Embox image into STM32F7-Discovery

You can see how to load Embox into STM32 board here.

  • How to run simple_pjua you can see here
  • How to run sip_nuklear you can see here

NOTE: Linphone

If you are using linphone, probably you will need some of the following things:

  • Set up UDP (SIP)
  • If you cannot register on a SIP server due to you are behind NAT, use Behind NAT/ Firewall (use uPnP), read more here.
  • Disable all codecs except PCMU and PCMA


  • If a connection to SIP server was not established, please make sure DNS is configured correctly in Embox:
# ping

If ping doesn't work, then check your conf/mods.conf and check if include"") has correct nameserver.

  • If you connected to SIP server but doesn't hear anything, please make sure Audio can be recorded and played well on your board, the tutorial is here.