ksfinder - Retrieve exported kernel symbols from physical memory dumps
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=== USAGE ===

    emdel -> time python kfinder.py 
    [-] Usage: kfinder.py <memory_dump> [symbol]

symbol is not mandatory. In the case it is not provided, kfinder runs in recursive mode and carves out all the possible symbols.

=== HOW ===

This is possible by parsing the __ksymtab_strings and __ksymtab of the Linux kernel image (aka vmlinux). kfinder analyzes the physical memory dump, locates the kernel .text segment and from there the two interesting sections: __ksymtab_strings and __ksymtab.

=== EXAMPLES ===

    08:38:53 emdel -> python kfinder.py /home/emdel/Downloads/fmem_1.6-0/vm-ksfinder-fmem.raw init_task
    Page: b8349000
             - ei_class: 64bit format
             - ABI: System V
             - e_type: shared
             - e_machine x86_64
    Page: b9d77000
             - ei_class: 64bit format
             - ABI: System V
             - e_type: relocatable
             - e_machine x86_64

    :: Architecture identified: x86_64
    :: init_task found at offset: 0x1b8243f
    :: __ksymtab_strings found at offset: 0x1b82436
    :: Symbol init_task found at offset: 0x01b82436
    :: Symbol Virtual Address: 0xffffffff81b82436
    :: Packing the symbol_va
    :: __ksymtab offset guess: 0x01a8243c
    :: symbol_va packed found at 0x01b5aa40
    :: init_task at 0xffffffff81c1d4e0

Old example - x86_32 bit only (missing x86_64 support and the check to identify the architecture):

    emdel -> time python kfinder.py kernelexp.ram init_task
    :: __ksymtab_strings found at offset: 0x017e172d
    :: Symbol init_task found at offset: 0x017e1724
    :: Symbol Virtual Address: 0xc17e1724
    :: Packing the symbol_va
    :: __ksymtab offset guess: 0x016e172c
    :: symbol_va packed found at 0x017d2060
    :: init_task at 0xc180b020

    real    0m3.813s
    user    0m3.632s
    sys     0m0.172s

    emdel -> cat System.map-3.2.0-23-generic-pae | grep -w init_task
    c180b020 D init_task

    emdel -> time python kfinder.py kernelexp.ram > carved_sysmap.log

    real    12m18.355s
    user    12m17.326s
    sys     0m0.372s

    emdel -> cat System.map-3.2.0-23-generic-pae | wc -l

    emdel -> cat carved_sysmap.log | wc -l

    emdel -> head carved_sysmap.log 
    :: __ksymtab_strings found at offset: 0x017e172d
    [+] Retrived 6333 symbols
    c180b020 ? init_task
    c180c460 ? loops_per_jiffy
    c193e004 ? reset_devices
    c18742c0 ? system_state
    c180c5c0 ? init_uts_ns
    c1003580 ? populate_rootfs_wait
    c17fdf20 ? x86_hyper_xen_hvm
    c1003f70 ? xen_hvm_need_lapic


It has been tested on very few memory dumps. I used 'fmem' to dump the memory. I tried with 'Lime' in the raw format, but there are some offset issues. Contact me if you want to discuss about it.

Happy hacking,