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Welcome to the Emesene Wiki!

Emesene is a Live Messenger (previously MSN) client for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. It’s written in Python, GTK+ and Qt4.

This page provides some information about the development of Emesene.

Current Stable Version: 2.12.9

You can download the latest stable version using the following launchpad PPA:
Or by adding ppa:emesene-team/emesene-stable to your system’s Software Sources.

We need more developers for this project! Please fork this project if you are really interested in it!

  • Basic information about how to use Git is available in GitHowTo
  • A simple guide on making a custom plugin is located here: Plugin-How-To
  • API Documentation can be found here and here
  • If you are interested in development, you should have a basic knowledge of Python.
    You can find the official documentation of Python in the official Python website
    If you’re going to code the GUI, you need knowledge in GTK+ or Qt4; see GTK+ Website and Qt Website
  • However, we do have some tasks that don’t require coding ability and welcome your help: see on HowToContribute.

Emesene rocks! :D (ok, this now is to stay happy in this page! >:) )