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This release includes lots of handy minor fixes:

  • We now have official binaries for Linux, Mac and Windows. Please let
    me know whether these work for you.
  • The uchardet and cld2 dependencies have been replaced with pure
    Rust dependencies. This makes it easier to support many platforms and
    to build from source.
  • We now have a progress bar for media exports!
  • Argument parsing has been totally overhauled, so help messages should
    be better.
  • Error formatting has been standardized and improved, so it's easier to
    figure out why something went wrong.
  • We now support *.srt files generated by Aeneas, which is excellent for
    syncing audiobooks with text. These broke before because Aeneas
    occasionally generates 0-second subtitles, which we rejected as
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Nov 23, 2017
v0.4.4: Improve error messages
The only user-visible improvement in this release is to the error
messages, which should now be much more helpful.

Under the hood, quite a lot of stuff has changed, updating lots of
libraries to the latest versions, and getting rid of deprecated
dependencies like `rustc_serialize`.
Oct 25, 2017
v0.4.3: Fix crash on negative `level` values
Fixes #27.
Sep 18, 2017
cli_test_dir v0.1.4: Add `path` function
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