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Rust subtitle utilities

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Are you looking for substudy? Try here. (substudy has been merged into the subtitles-rs project.)

This repository contains a number of related tools and libraries for manipulating subtitles. See the files in this individual subdirectories for more details.

  • substudy: Learn foreign languages using audio and subtitles extracted from video files.
  • vobsub: A Rust library for parsing subtitles in sub/idx format.
  • vobsub2png: A command-line tool for converting sub/idx subtitles to PNGs with JSON metadata.
  • opus_tools: Utilities for parsing subtitle data from the OPUS project, for use as input to various language models.
  • common_failures: Useful Fail implementations and error-handling tools.
  • cli_test_dir: A simple integration testing harness for CLI tools.

The following subtitle-related projects can be found in other repositories:

  • aligner: This GPLed library by kaegi uses dynamic programming to re-align out-of-sync subtitles using another subtitle file with known-good timing.
  • subparse: This library by kaegi parses many common subtitle formats.


This code is distributed under the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain grant (plus fallback license), with the exception of some data in the fixtures directory, which contains a few individual frames of subtitle data used in tests. Note that none of the individual crates include that data.


Your feedback and contributions are welcome! Please feel free to submit issues and pull requests using GitHub.