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Select Item

Action is similar to “Go to Edit Point”, but selects important code parts.

In HTML, these are tag name, full attribute and attribute value. For class attribute it also selects distinct classes.

<textarea class="movie-def"> |<section> <p></p> <div class="main footer"></div>
&lt;script&gt;var str = '<div class="main footer"></div>';&lt;/script&gt;

</section> @@@ run: {command: 'emmet.select_next_item', times: 7} ::: “Select Next Item” (Shift-Cmd-.) wait: 1000 run: {command: 'emmet.select_previous_item', times: 6} ::: “Select Previous Item” (Shift-Cmd-,) wait: 1000 moveTo: 4:12 wait: 1000 tooltip: “Select Item” action may also work in non-HTML syntaxes wait: 500 run: {command: 'emmet.select_next_item', times: 5} </textarea>

In CSS, it matches selector, full property and property value. For complex values and functions like 1px solid red or url(image.jpg) also selects part of it.

<textarea class="movie-def"> |body { border: 1px solid black; background: url(image.jpg) #ccc no-repeat; } @@@ run: {command: 'emmet.select_next_item', times: 12} ::: “Select Next Item” (Shift-Cmd-.) wait: 1000 run: {command: 'emmet.select_previous_item', times: 11} ::: “Select Previous Item” (Shift-Cmd-,) @@@ mode: text/css </textarea>