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Update Image Size

Many web-developers forget to write width and height attributes for <img> tags which leads to poor UX. This action helps you to automate this process: simply place caret inside <img> tag and run this action to add/update width and height attributes.

In CSS, place caret inside property value with url() function to add/update width and height properties for current rule.

|<img src="demo.jpg" alt="" /> <style> .block { background: url(demo.jpg); } </style></p> <pre><code>tooltip: Put caret inside &lt;img&gt; tag and run “Update Image Size” to get its size moveTo: 6 wait: 1000 run: emmet.update_image_size ::: “Update Image Size” (Shift-Cmd-U) wait: 1000 tooltip: Put caret inside value with image URL to update width and height properties of the rule moveTo: 3:22 wait: 1000 run: emmet.update_image_size </textarea> Note that this action also works for absolute URLs: it will start searching for requested file from host file’s folder and then will traverse up the tree. </code></pre>