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A Vim plugin for checking Python code on the fly.

PyFlakes catches common Python errors like mistyping a variable name or accessing a local before it is bound, and also gives warnings for things like unused imports.

pyflakes-vim uses the output from PyFlakes to highlight errors in your code. To locate errors quickly, use quickfix commands like :cc.

Make sure to check vim.org for the latest updates.

Quick Installation

  1. Make sure your .vimrc has:

    filetype on            " enables filetype detection
    filetype plugin on     " enables filetype specific plugins
  2. Download the latest release.

  3. Unzip pyflakes.vim and the pyflakes directory into ~/.vim/ftplugin/python (or somewhere similar on your runtime path that will be sourced for Python files).


If you downloaded this from vim.org, then just drop the contents of the zip file into ~/.vim/ftplugin/python.

Otherwise, you'll need PyFlakes on your PYTHONPATH somewhere. I recommend getting my PyFlakes fork, which uses the _ast module new to Python 2.5, and is faster and more current than PyFlakes' old usage of the deprecated compiler module.


git clone git://github.com/kevinw/pyflakes-vim.git
cd pyflakes-vim
git clone git://github.com/kevinw/pyflakes.git


  • signs support (show warning and error icons to left of the buffer area)
  • configuration variables
  • parse or intercept useful output from the warnings module


Please see http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2441 for a history of all changes.