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This is a utility to get you started in creating a new empress-blog template. It generates an Ember Addon that is set up with a very basic template. To see the initial output you can go to

Once you have this running locally it is time for you to jump in and start editing the templates and styles so that your template looks super awesome! 💪 If you create an template that other people can use please ping me on twitter and I'll add it to a list of available templates


You should make sure that you have npm version 6.1 or later:

npm -v
# 6.4.1

If your installed version is less than 6.1.0 then you need to update using the official update documentation. And as a bonus you might get a massive speed bump at the same time 🎉


npm init empress-blog-template <name>

This will create a new empress-blog template called empress-blog--template in the current directory. You should then be able to cd into the directory and start the example app.

cd empress-blog-example-template
npm start

Now if you visit http://localhost:4200 you will see the basic template. You should then be able to edit the hbs files in app/templates and the styles in addon/styles/addon.css until you're happy with the new design. The example app will live-reload on http://localhost:4200 as you make changes to the templates and the styles.


An empress-blog template is no different from a regular Ember Addon, save for the location of the template files. You can extend this addon by installing as many other addons as you may need, for example if you would like to use ember-cli-sass you can.

Important note: you must follow whatever instructions that an addon has to install into another addon. ember-cli-sass has extra documentation that you would need to follow to make sure it works


This project is licensed under the MIT License.


Utility designed to help get started quickly with an Ember Ghost Template



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