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Download a Youtube music video and extract the sound as an MP3 file
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youtube2mp3: A very simple system to download YouTube music videos and convert them to mp3 files

This is a very simple and short Bash script to provide a GUI for downloading YouTube music videos and convert them to MP3 files. I developed this for my personal use (and to help a few friends) and then thought it would be helpful to others, too. So here it is.

The script currently depends on zenity/kdialog, youtube-dl and ffmpeg. I have tested it on Ubuntu GNU/Linux machines.

How to Install

  • Install packages (debian/ubuntu): aptitude install ffmpeg libav-tools youtube-dl zenity lame
  • Install packages (archlinux): pacman -S ffmpeg youtube-dl zenity lame
  • Run sudo ./

Alternatively you can simply make executable and then run:


on the command line (or create a shortcut to it for easier access).


Usage: [args]
    Runs in interactive mode if no args are given
        (dialog boxes will prompt for input)
    Runs in non-interactive mode if any args are given

    args = --url="<url>" |
           --odir=<odir> |
           --rate=<rate> |
           --ffmpeg |
           --vkeep |

    args may be given in any order
      url must be given (enclose <url> in quotes)
      odir defaults to current directory
      rate defaults to 256
      --vkeep: keeps downloaded video file (default is to delete)
      --avconv: use avconv converter, not ffmpeg
      --help: emits this message


Here's a screenshot :

youtube2mp3 screenshot


Installation system and bitrate selection support has been added by PTKDev. See BashScript-YouTube2mp3 for more details.

Help system and downloaded video file support has been added by Joel Wittenberg joel.wittenberg@gmail

kdialog feature added by Fran Quinto.

Progress bar support for Zenity by Tomáš Hnyk (felagund).

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