The ChameleonMini is a versatile contactless smartcard emulator compliant to NFC. For further information see the Getting Started Page or the GitHub-Wiki-Tab above.
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This is the official repository of ChameleonMini, a freely programmable, portable tool for NFC security analysis that can emulate and clone contactless cards, read RFID tags and sniff/log RF data. Thanks to over 1700 backers from our Kickstarter project, the current Revision G has been realized by Kasper & Oswald GmbH.

The ChameleonMini RevG is now also available via the Kasper & Oswald Webshop. Thank you for supporting the project!

First Steps

To upgrade the firmware of your ChameleonMini, please visit the Getting Started page from the doxygen documentation.


If you have any questions, please visit the Issues page and ask your questions there so everyone benefits from the answer.

Repository Structure

The code repository contains

  • Doc: A doxygen documentation
  • Drivers: Chameleon drivers for Windows and Linux
  • Dumps: Dumps of different smartcards
  • Hardware: The layout and schematics of the PCB
  • Firmware: The complete firmware including a modified Atmel DFU bootloader and LUFA
  • Software: Contains a python tool for an easy configuration (and more) of the ChameleonMini, Note that this is currently under construction
  • RevE: Contains the whole contents of the discontinued RevE repository.