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The Salamander Drumkit

Original files (including samples) from or the Internet Archive (Both contain identical files except the first has a slightly expanded license description.)

(I was going to fix up the errors and make it work in sforzando, but then discovered kinwie's version which already has these things fixed and seems to work fine, so I lost motivation.) :D

The original audio files in the above archives included some silent audio before the drum hits in almost all samples, causing unnecessary latency. Here is a ZIP with an edited set of the audio files from essej with the extra silence trimmed from them. They also correct some end of sample issues. So use the Salamander Drumkit Trim.sfz file instead when using the modified samples, which removes the unnecessary fixes made previously for the kick end offset. - Trimmed Files.

Original README

As with the salamander grand piano, this has only been properly tested on linuxsampler but it should work with other sample players that can load .sfz, it probably works better as it's not even half the size of the salamander piano It doesn't have many velocity layers, but instead many samples per velocity, in an attempt to get a more authentic sound when programming. The closed-hat has no less than 20 samples per velocity... only two velocity layers tho, so that makes 40 in total.. I've actually built the drumkit myself (in 2009) It's built out of birch staves and has very thick shells (couldn't lathe the insides) It also features an unusual one of a kind ropetuning system, the 12" tomtom is a prototype of another kind tho tuning system..

  • 12x7" racktom, Aquarian modern vintage (not the one in the picture...)
  • 14x14" floortom, Remo emperor or evans g2 can't remember for shure.
  • 18x18" kick, Remo pinstripe, Coated Ambassador on the resonant side.
  • 14x5" snare birchstaves with thin mahogany stripes, Evans power center reverse dot, Coated
  • 14x6" snare2 birch and mahogany staves, Evans genera dry Coated, with most of the muffling ring ripped off..


  • Paiste 18" Innovations china (china2)
  • Paiste 18" Innovations medium crash (crash1)
  • Paiste 20" Rude thin crash (crash2)
  • Paiste 20" pst5 medium ride (ride1)
  • Paiste 8" pst5 splash
  • Paiste 6" accent
  • Stagg 20" SH medium ride (ride 1)
  • Stagg 14" SH hihat
  • Stagg 16" SH crash (crash3)
  • Masterworks 20" Custom china (china1)

Licence: CC BY-SA

The "share-alike" condition in the license only applies if you modify the samples themselves or create new sample libraries with them. Produced Music and other non-sample-library works can be licensed at will

Author: Alexander Holm
Feel free to mail me with any questions, if you're lucky, I might just answer them ;)
axeldenstore (at) gmail (dot) com

sforzando version

Salamander Drumkit.sfz is a modified version for Sforzando by kinwie (KVR Audio Forum post, original on Dropbox)

Original README

Salamander Drumkit SFZ

reconstructed for Plogue sforzando sample player

Thanks to the author, Alexander Holm for making this great sounding drumkit available free! But there are some player-issue when using the original included sfz file with sforzando.

So I make a reconstruction version closely follows the original version with several changes/adjustments :

  • Fixed the kick's clicking noise non-destuctively witihin this sfz file, so please use the original kick samples.
  • Changed snare stick and toms to random-robin (lorand/hirand) instead of round-robin (seq_length/seq_position).
  • Adjusted some lorand/hirand values.
  • The semi-open hihat use CC4 instead of original's cc64 and adjusted CC value : 0-open to 127-closed.
  • The foot/stomp hihat also use CC4 rather than using velocity : 0-95 foot stomp (release trigger) and 96-127 foot closed.
  • Added available samples : snare_OH_FF_9, hihatOpen_OH_FF_6 and cowbell_P_11. Used samples count : 535.
  • Added ampeg_release to the ride2/bell for the off_mode=normal use.
  • Adjusted and sorted group/off_by.
  • Labeling and added vol/pan control per kitpiece.

Author website :

To find the samples, here :



Open source drum kit in SFZ format by Alexander Holm and kinwie







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