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    ### EnjaParticles in C++ using OpenCL and OpenGL interoperability

    RTPS: Real-Time Particle Systems
    A framework library for developing particle systems.
    We currently working on support for 
        Simple particle systems
        SPH Fluid simulation
        Boid simulation

    see INSTALL file



    You can execute the test program like:
    cd bin

    The test program has simple mouse interaction:
        Left-Click and drag to rotate the view
        Right-Click and drag to zoom in and out
    and keyboard:
        r - add particles
        h - add hose of particles
        p - print timings of various functions
        w, a, s, d - move around like FPS controls
        t - add in some triangles to collide against

    hit Q or ESC to exit (right now clicking the x on the window will not properly clean up GPU memory...)

    cmake modules to help find necessary libraries

    ### EnjaParticles on the Android using the NDK and OpenGL

    the C code is in the jni folder
    read the README in this folder for more info