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i3pystatus is a growing collection of python scripts for status output compatible to i3status / i3bar of the i3 window manager.



Supported Python versions

i3pystatus requires Python 3.2 or newer and is not compatible with Python 2.x. Some modules require additional dependencies documented in the docs.

From PyPI package i3pystatus

pip install i3pystatus

Packages for your OS


All further user documentation has been moved here.


Located here.


A list of all contributors can be found in CONTRIBUTORS. Particular noteworthy contributors are former maintainer Jan Oliver Oelerich and current maintainer enkore.


To contribute a module, make sure it uses one of the Module classes. Most modules use IntervalModule, which just calls a function repeatedly in a specified interval.

The output attribute should be set to a dictionary which represents your modules output, the protocol is documented here.

Developer documentation is available in the source code and here.

Patches and pull requests are very welcome :-)