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  1. postmarkdown postmarkdown Public archive

    A simple Rails blog engine powered by Markdown.

    Ruby 79 19

  2. acts_as_importable acts_as_importable Public archive

    A plugin to add csv import/export functionality to any ActiveRecord

    Ruby 6 3

  3. hubcap hubcap Public archive

    GitHub work planning board

    Ruby 5 1

  4. github_backup github_backup Public archive

    This script will find all repositories that a user has access to and clone them onto the local machine.

    Ruby 3

  5. sevabot-webhooks sevabot-webhooks Public archive

    Ruby 3

  6. git-s3-cache-buildkite-plugin git-s3-cache-buildkite-plugin Public archive

    Cache git repo in S3 for faster checkouts

    Shell 3


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