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ENS manager app
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ENS Application

ENS Application


yarn install
yarn start

Open your browser at localhost:3000 and open metamask

Unit Testing

All tests are run with Jest for both the front-end application and testing blockchain functionality. For blockchain based tests it uses ganache-cli by default. If you want to see the transactions in the Ganache GUI, you can change the environment in the test file from GANACHE_CLI to GANACHE. Then you can open Ganache on your computer and test manually after the test runner deploys the contracts.

To run the tests:

npm test

To speed up the tests, the contracts are compiled before the tests. If you need to update the solidity code, you can run npm run compile to recompile the code. Alternatively you can uncomment the code that compiles the contracts in the tests, which will slow down the tests considerably.

Troubleshooting tests

If you get this error:

$ npm test

> ens-app@0.1.0 test /Users/youruser/drive/projects/ens-app
> react-scripts test --env=jsdom

2018-05-23 09:17 node[85833] (FSEvents.framework) FSEventStreamStart: register_with_server: ERROR: f2d_register_rpc() => (null) (-22)
2018-05-23 09:17 node[85833] (FSEvents.framework) FSEventStreamStart: register_with_server: ERROR: f2d_register_rpc() => (null) (-22)
      throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event

Error: Error watching file for changes: EMFILE
    at _errnoException (util.js:999:13)
    at FSEvent.FSWatcher._handle.onchange (fs.js:1374:9)
npm ERR! Test failed.  See above for more details.

Try installing watchman on OSX by doing:

brew uninstall watchman
brew install watchman


Styling in this app is done with Emotion, with styled components style CSS. We do not use css or classNames, unless we are passing through the styles to a component

Media Queries

The main way to use media queries is with the helper function mq located in the root at mediaQuery. We have absolute URL support, so you can just import it directly as mediaQuery. It has properties for all the breakpoints supported by our app. We also have a useMediaMin hook, which we plan to roll out to replace the render prop version when we can convert all our components to functional components.

Currently supported breakpoints:

const breakpoints = {
  small: 576,
  medium: 768,
  large: 992,
  xLarge: 1200

You can use it as follows:

import styled from '@emotion/styled'
import mq from 'mediaQuery'

const SomeComponent = styled('div')`
  font-size: 14px;
    font-size: 22px;

The second way is using hooks, which uses useEffect and useState underneath. This must be used with functional components.

import { useMediaMin } from './mediaQuery'

function Component(){
  const mediumBP = useMediaMin('medium')
  return <>
    {mediumBP ? <LargeComponent /> : <SmallComponent />}

End to end Testing

The main package for the E2E tests is ensdomains/mock, which exposes a script that will prepopulate ganache with ENS so you have everything setup to run Cypress on.

The ENS app has end to end tests with Cypress. To run them you need to start ganache, run the seed script, run the app and then run cypress. This should start chrome and the Cypress GUI. Each time the test run, the script needs to be re-run and the app restarted for it to work.

yarn run preTest

This runs the app in local ganache mode)

yarn start:test
yarn run cypress:open

Setting up subgraph

Subgraph is used to list subdomains and all the names you have registered.


Get ens subgraph

git clone
cd ens-subgraph

Get graph-node

git clone

From now on, we assume that graph-node, ens-app, and ens-subgraph all exist under the same directory

Start ganache


Download and start docker

Download and start docker first

Start thegraph node

This starts up docker with ipfs, postgresdb, and the-graph node.

cd graph-node/docker
docker-compose up

Deploy ENS contracts and update subgraph.yml

cd ens-app
yarn preTest
yarn subgraph

subgraph job updates ENS contract addresses and updates environment from mainnet to dev

Deploy ENS subgraph

Generate deployment code

cd ../ens-subgraph
yarn codegen


yarn create-local
yarn deploy-local

NOTE: If it raises error, try to delete graph-node/docker/data and startup the docker again.

Confirm that you can query from browser

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