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Salien Game Idler

Link to Saliens Game


Thanks for the support, contributions, and comments everyone! Hopefully we helped at least a few of you hit level 25, and potentially get some games in the giveaways, if that was your goal (I actually managed to get one myself, surprisingly). Now, go have fun with any of the actual games you got during the sale! This repository will be archived in the near future, and become read-only.


Hey everyone, Like all of you, I was interested in "streamlining" the process of the 2018 Steam sale 'Salien' minigame. You may or may not remember me as a contributor/dev in the Steam Monster Minigame autoclicking scene from the 2015 Steam sale. I took a look at this year's game, and noticed it's much more... boring. No interactions between other players mean there are only a few interactions with the server, and they can be easily spoofed, as long as you wait out the timer of the round, and only send the maximum allowed score for a zone. So I figured, why automate the game at all? Much easier to just sit at the menu and just say we beat the level.

JUNE 30 Boss Update: I'm currently on vacation and will not likely be able to make major additions/changes to this script (boss update, etc), but can bugfix & merge in pull requests from other people periodically, if you would like to contribute. A big thanks to Harest specifically, for all of the additions they've made so far (Including the entirety of the planet/zone auto-switch component). I've made them a collaborator, and are able to update as needed.


  • Does not need to run the minigame at all, works from the main map.
  • Automatic switching between zones & planets for maximum experience.
  • Supports boss zones.
  • Easy & quick zone/planet override with the default map.
  • Sends the maximum score allowed for each zone difficulty.
  • Automatically repeats runs after completion.
  • Optionally disables game animations & hides the game UI to minimize resource usage.
  • Status GUI to update level, experience, time remaining in round, etc

How to Run

Currently tested on Chrome/Chromium, Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer and Edge both encounter errors. The following guide is for Chrome:

  1. Open the Salien Game in a new tab (Any view of the game is fine, main menu, planet, or zone selector)
  2. Bring up the JavaScript Console
    • Windows: F12 or CTRL+Shift+J
    • Mac: Command+Option+J
  3. Copy the JavaScript code from idle.js, paste it into the console and press enter
    • Output can be seen and tracked in the console, and a "Salien Game Idler" GUI should be displayed on-screen.

Note: The script may also be set up on userscript managers such as Tampermonkey, however we advise against enabling automatic updates for any scripts, for your own security, and have disabled automatic updates by default.


  • Nothing left. Game over man, game over!

Want to Contribute?

This repository has been archived, as the game is no longer running. Thank you for your support!


A Javascript Idler for the 2018 Steam Summer 'Salien' Minigame








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