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Create Datadog Event Buildkite Plugin

Changelog | License (MIT) | Code of Conduct

An experimental Buildkite plugin which creates Datadog events.

It contains a command hook. No tests are currently included, but contributions are welcome.

Inspired by a desire to show releases on metrics graphs, and to include information such as the URL to the build.


  • Creates a Datadog event
  • Supports most properties available in the Datadog event API


  - plugins:
      - envato/create-datadog-event#v0.2.0:
          api_key: $DATADOG_API_KEY
          aggregation_key: $BUILDKITE_BUILD_ID
          title: Deploying $BUILDKITE_PIPELINE_SLUG
          text: >
            Deploying $BUILDKITE_BRANCH/$BUILDKITE_COMMIT on behalf of
            - event-type:deployment
            - state:started
            - branch:$BUILDKITE_BRANCH
    # don't fail the deploy if the event failed
      - exit_status: '*'
  # deploy step here...

Supplying the aggregation key helps if you'd like to emit events for deploy started and deploy succeeded.


Most values correspond to the arguments in the Post an event API.

Required Name Description
Y api_key Datadog API key for authentication
Y title Event title, 100 characters max
Y text Event body as markdown, 4000 characters max
priority Defaults to normal, can change to low
host Host to associate with the event
tags Array of event tags as strings
alert_type If an alert event, indicate an error, warning, info or success event
aggregation_key Key used to group related events in the Datadog event stream, 100 characters max
source_type_name Type of event being posted
related_event_id ID of the parent event, integer without quotes
datadog_host Datadog API URL, e.g. for the European endpoint



Code of Conduct

Contributor Covenant 2.0 (see CODE_OF_CONDUCT)



This project is maintained by the Envato engineering team and funded by Envato.

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