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Releases: enzo1982/freac

Continuous build

13 May 17:22
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Continuous build Pre-release

fre:ac v1.1.7

05 Mar 20:51
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Version 1.1.7 (March 2023)

  • New features

    • added a tool for splitting output by various parameters (e.g. duration or number of files)
    • added support for dithering when reducing sample resolution
    • added a matrix surround decoder DSP component
    • added a volume adjustment DSP component
  • Improvements

    • added support for WavPack Hybrid Lossless compression with correction files
    • added support for decoding MPEG-4 DASH files
    • added support for opening WebM audio files with the .weba extension
    • added support for downmixing 6.1 channel audio
    • added support for MusicBrainz metadata in ID3v2, MP4, Vorbis Comment, APEv2 and WMA tags
    • added support for sort order fields in ID3v2, MP4, Vorbis Comment, APEv2 and WMA tags
    • added support for rating field in Vorbis Comment, APEv2, MP4 and LIST INFO tags
    • added rating field to the tag editor
    • added optional release year column to the joblist
    • changed filename placeholder to resolve to 1 if disc number is not set
    • improved compatibility with applications writing non-compliant LIST INFO tags (e.g. Traktor)
    • added an option to use source file names as output file names if no metadata is present
    • added an option to control extraction of missing metadata from file names
    • added an option to restrict file names for reading cover art
    • added an option to disable intensity stereo phase inversion to Opus settings
    • added AccurateRip notification options for successful verification and missing database entries
    • sample rate conversion no longer converts to 32 bit float when the source rate matches the target
    • added negative exit codes to indicate errors when running freaccmd
    • added support for KDE color schemes (including dark mode)
    • improved HiDPI scale factor detection in KDE desktop environments
    • respect text scaling factor in addition to font size setting on X11 based systems
  • Bug fixes

    • fixed crashes when decoding ALAC files (especially with the Windows Store version)
    • fixed failure (hang and abort after several seconds) to decode chapters from ALAC files
    • fixed interoperability issues of HE- and HEv2-AAC files created with FDK-AAC with foobar2000
    • fixed incorrect gapless information when creating HE- and HEv2-AAC files with FDK-AAC
    • fixed incorrect index times in cuesheets for very long multi-track files
    • fixed incorrect inclusion of data tracks in the audio track count of CD offset strings
    • fixed old data remaining in place after updating WMA file tags
    • fixed selected format resetting to first entry when opening WMA config dialog
    • fixed excessive bitrate when encoding Vorbis on non-x86 LP64 systems
    • fixed decoding of MP4 files with a single chunk taking excessively long
    • fixed HDCD detection for tracks starting with more than about one second of silence
    • fixed floating point samples being converted to integer when creating WavPack files
    • fixed inability to close cover art popup window on Linux
    • fixed long paths being converted to 8.3 format on recent versions of Windows
    • fixed inability to handle long network paths on some versions of Windows
    • fixed disc insert and removal detection working unreliably on Windows
  • Updated codecs

    • updated ALAC decoder for security fixes and improved performance
    • updated FFmpeg to version 6.0
    • updated Monkey's Audio to version 9.20
    • updated WavPack to version 5.6.0
    • updated Tom's Audiokompressor to version 2.3.3
    • updated FLAC to version 1.4.2
    • updated Speex to version 1.2.1
    • updated MP4v2 to version 2.1.2
    • updated mpg123 to version 1.31.2
    • updated libsndfile to version 1.2.0
  • Updated translations

    • updated Greek translation

fre:ac v1.1.6

21 Jan 19:50
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Version 1.1.6 (January 2022)

  • added native support for Windows on the ARM64 architecture

  • New features

    • added support for editing lyrics in the tag editor
    • added support for creating cue sheets and playlists with freaccmd
  • Improvements

    • improved performance of adding video and proprietary audio files (DTS, DSD etc.) to the joblist
    • playlists can now be added to the joblist by drag & drop
    • added and placeholders for use in filename patterns
    • added optional composer, conductor, tempo, musical key and ISRC columns to the joblist
    • added initial key field to tag editor
    • added support for lyrics in ID3v2, MP4, Vorbis Comment, APEv2 and WMA tags
    • added support for parsing OverDrive MediaMarkers in ID3v2 tags
    • added support for the pre-emphasis flag in cue sheets
  • Bug fixes

    • fixed possible crash upon querying the CDDB database
    • fixed possible crash in FAAD2 decoder when trying to open unsupported files
    • fixed faulty decoding of certain AAC files caused by a bug in the FDK-AAC decoder
    • fixed possible faulty output when decoding from non-zero positions using external decoders
    • fixed issue ripping CD tracks when output filename pattern is
    • fixed AccurateRip reporting verification errors for hidden track one audio
    • fixed setting to replace spaces not being respected when writing cover art and log files
    • fixed setting to suppress Unicode characters not being respected when writing cover art and log files
    • fixed tag editor fields for media type, catalog number and barcode being limited to 12 characters
    • fixed freeze when decoding certain WMA files on Windows
    • fixed drag & drop not working after online update on Windows
  • New and updated codecs

    • added native Apple Lossless decoder
    • updated FFmpeg to version 5.0
    • updated Monkey's Audio to version 7.23
    • updated mpg123 to version 1.29.3
    • updated libsamplerate to version 0.2.2
  • New translations

    • added Swedish and Portuguese (Brazilian) manuals

fre:ac v1.1.5

27 Jun 16:00
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Version 1.1.5 (June 2021)

  • New features

    • added support for AccurateRip verification
  • Improvements

    • improved DSP processing performance by up to 70%
    • added frequency bandwidth setting to FDK-AAC encoder configuration dialog
    • added an option to toggle logging of complete paths in log files
    • added options for specifying cover art files to freaccmd
    • added support for reading Shift_JIS encoded CD-Text
    • added support for writing album and track comments to cue sheets
    • added support for ID3v2 tags in RF64 files
    • added support for updating Vorbis Comment tags
    • added support for updating ID3v2 tags in RIFF and AIFF files
    • added support for updating LIST INFO tags in RIFF, RF64 and Wave64 files
    • added support for ensemble field in Vorbis Comment and APEv2 tags
    • added support for movement field in ID3v2, Vorbis Comment, APEv2 and MP4 tags
    • added support for additional URL fields in APEv2 tags
    • added a tag editor option to keep album artist even if identical to track artist
    • added media type field to tag editor
  • Bug fixes

    • fixed hotspot for genre edit field utility menu not covering the whole width of the field
    • fixed occasional crashes when selecting codec subformat using the "Start encoding with" menu
    • fixed chapter marks being offset by a few seconds when using DSP processing
    • fixed playback not working when using certain combinations of DSP processors
    • fixed incompatibility of FDK-AAC encoded HE and HEv2 AAC files with iTunes
    • fixed issue decoding FLAC files with unknown length
    • fixed glitches decoding transients in some Vorbis files
    • fixed possible crashes when decoding Opus files
    • fixed possible crashes when failing to configure WMA encoder
    • fixed rare crashes in LAME encoder component
    • fixed strings read from ID3v2 tags being limited to 1024 characters
    • fixed crash when reading malformed CD-Text genre IDs
    • fixed failure ripping with negative read offset
    • fixed disc eject not working on macOS
    • fixed crash when closing fre:ac via dock command on macOS
    • fixed UI glitches and crashes on exit when running in a Wayland session
    • fixed popup menu and dropdown list closing behavior on non-Windows platforms
    • fixed issues with custom DPI settings on Xfce desktops
    • fixed drag & drop working unreliably on X11 based systems
    • fixed Windows online updater not working with the 64 bit version
  • Updated codecs

    • updated FFmpeg to version 4.4
    • updated Monkey's Audio to version 6.29
    • updated Tom's Audiokompressor to version 2.3.1
    • updated mpg123 to version 1.28.0
    • updated libfdk-aac to version 2.0.2
    • updated libogg to version 1.3.5
    • updated libsndfile to version 1.0.31
    • updated libsamplerate to version 0.2.1
  • Updated translations

    • updated Norwegian translation
    • updated Russian manual

fre:ac v1.1.4

14 Feb 22:19
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Version 1.1.4 (February 2021)

  • Improvements

    • improved support for reading CD-Text
    • added an HDCD decoder DSP filter
    • added catalog number and barcode fields to tag editor
    • added file type associations to macOS app, so fre:ac is offered for opening audio files
    • added quality (VBR) setting to FDK-AAC configuration dialog
    • improved MP3, AAC and Opus encoding performance by up to 30%
    • improved multi-monitor support on X11 based systems
    • discs of multi-disc albums are now shown separately in tag editor album mode
    • update only changed fields when making edits in tag editor album mode
    • added support for Replay Gain values in MP4 and WMA metadata
    • do not override settings with default values when using freaccmd's --config option
  • Bug fixes

    • fixed invalid length written to very long Opus and Speex files (longer than 12 ½ hours at 48 kHz)
    • fixed decoding of some very short Opus, Vorbis and Speex files
    • fixed written MP4 chapters being invisible to some applications when using Nero AAC
    • fixed hang/crash when opening WavPack, Musepack, TAK and OptimFROG files with chapters
    • fixed issues submitting CDDB information for new CDs (without existing entries)
    • fixed issues handling long path/file names on Windows
    • fixed output sample rate being limited to 192 kHz
    • fixed freaccmd randomly failing to process files in rare cases
    • fixed bad user interface colors on some Linux distributions
  • Updated codecs

    • switched from FAAC to FDK-AAC for AAC encoding
    • updated Monkey's Audio to version 6.11
    • updated WavPack to version 5.4.0
    • updated mpg123 to version 1.26.4
    • updated FAAD2 to version 2.10.0
  • Updated translations

    • updated Romanian translation
    • updated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation

fre:ac v1.1.3

11 Oct 13:30
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Version 1.1.3 (October 2020)

  • added support for macOS 11.0 Big Sur

  • switched to using GNUdb as the default CDDB database service

  • Improvements

    • command line codec configuration now allows specifying additional arguments
    • improved detection of cue sheet encoding to support system codepage and UTF-8 without BOM
    • freaccmd now splits cue sheets to individual tracks unless an output file is specified using the -o option
    • freaccmd now supports a --split-chapters option to split files with chapter tags into individual chapters
    • added placeholder for use in output folder configuration setting, resolving to user profile folder
    • added file type associations to Linux/FreeBSD and Windows Store app, so fre:ac is offered for opening audio files
    • added audio CD association to Linux/FreeBSD and Windows Store app, so fre:ac can be started when inserting a CD
    • added an option to suppress "No entry found" messages for automatic CDDB queries
    • improved detection of sampler CDs when querying CDDB information
  • Bug fixes

    • fixed possible conversion thread hangs when using external encoders
    • fixed possible crash related to drag & drop handling on Windows
    • fixed crash when writing fields containing only whitespace to Vorbis Comment, APEv2, WMA or RIFF tags
    • fixed possible glitches in WAV/AIFF output when processing float samples outside the -1.0/+1.0 range
    • fixed possible hangs when opening WAV/AIFF files larger than 2 GB or with a broken chunk structure
    • fixed inability to open WAV/AIFF files with long paths on Windows
    • fixed writing wrong offsets to single file cue sheets when the resampling DSP filter is enabled
    • fixed writing invalid chapter offsets to Opus files with source material sample rates other than 48 kHz
    • fixed writing invalid MP3 bitstreams in rare cases in SuperFast mode
    • fixed wrong length detection for MP3 files with invalid chapter data
    • fixed parsing of cue sheets with minute/second indications missing leading zeros and/or duration longer than 99 minutes
    • fixed parsing of embedded cue sheets without FILE designations
    • fixed ripping progress for other drives stalling while one drive is ejecting
    • fixed inability to pause or stop single output file verification
    • fixed log files being archived despite disabling the corresponding option
    • fixed various issues with multi-monitor support on macOS
    • fixed user interface glitches after closing dialogs in tabbed mode on macOS
    • fixed Shift+Pos1/End shortcuts being interpreted by the joblist and edit fields at the same time
  • Updated codecs

    • switched from libav 12.3 to FFmpeg 4.3.1 for auxiliary format support
    • added support for using the Core Audio codec of iTunes 12.10.9 and later
    • updated Vorbis to version 1.3.7 (plus aoTuV b6.03 and Lancer optimizations)
    • updated Monkey's Audio to version 5.55
    • updated mpg123 to version 1.26.3
  • New translations

    • added Hindi translation

fre:ac v1.1.2

20 Jun 13:03
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Version 1.1.2 (June 2020)

  • Improvements

    • scale UI to adjust to system font size by default
    • added support for theme colors and dark mode on Linux/FreeBSD
    • improved handling of maximized window state on Linux/FreeBSD and macOS
    • try to keep the selected encoder the same when upgrading from fre:ac 1.0.x
    • removed non-working option to not lock CD trays while ripping
    • stop ripping before trying to eject a disc
    • write audio data CRC to log files when ripping
    • write MD5 checksums to log files when verifying files
    • write log entries when replacing existing files
  • Bug fixes

    • fixed length of last chapter of some audio books being detected as 0:00
    • prevent interpreting numerical IDs or dates at the beginning of file names as track numbers
    • fixed a possible source of random crashes when adding files to the joblist
    • fixed possible crash when importing MP4/M4A files
    • fixed possible crash when encoding in SuperFast mode
    • fixed some graphics glitches on macOS
  • Updated codecs

    • updated Monkey's Audio to version 5.44
    • updated mpg123 to version 1.26.1
    • updated FAAD2 to version 2.9.2
    • updated CDRip to version 2.4

fre:ac v1.1.1

19 Apr 12:12
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Version 1.1.1 (April 2020)

  • Improvements

    • improved file size and bitrate calculation for chapters and cue sheet tracks
    • added placeholder for use in filename patterns
    • added an optional disc ID column to the joblist
    • added an option to eject the disc after ripping to freaccmd
    • allow specifying device path instead of drive number in freaccmd
  • Bug fixes

    • fixed crash of freaccmd when querying CDDB while DISPLAY variable is not set
    • fixed ripping of first CD track in paranoia mode on Windows
    • fixed several issues creating CBR MP3 files in SuperFast mode
    • fixed calculation of track conversion speed factor in log files
  • Updated codecs

    • updated Monkey's Audio to version 5.33
    • updated WavPack to version 5.3.0
  • Updated translations

    • updated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation

fre:ac v1.1

29 Mar 19:13
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The fre:ac 1.1 major release is now available with more than 80 new features compared to fre:ac 1.0.33.

Highlights include:

  • Availability for macOS and Linux, in addition to Windows
  • Availability of 64 bit versions for Windows and other operating systems
  • Support for dark mode on Windows and macOS
  • A reworked conversion engine with support for multi-threading and parallel processing
  • An integrated tag editor with support for cover images
  • An extension for simultaneous output to multiple formats
  • Support for new codecs including Opus, Apple Lossless, Monkey's Audio, WavPack and others
  • Support for DSP filters and lossless file verification
  • Support for multi-channel audio
  • Support for managing multiple configurations
  • Support for writing log files

The complete list of new features can be found in the release notes of the fre:ac 1.1 Beta 1 release.

Please report issues on the issue tracker or by email to

Version 1.1 (March 2020)

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed parallel processing being active for CD track reference files on Windows
    • Fixed freaccmd ejecting the CD after ripping 1 track with eject option is enabled in fre:ac
    • Fixed crash of freaccmd when DISPLAY variable is not set on Linux/FreeBSD

fre:ac v1.1 RC 2

22 Mar 14:54
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fre:ac v1.1 RC 2 Pre-release

Version 1.1 RC 2 (March 2020)

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed inability to read raw AAC files with the FAAD2 decoder
    • Fixed inability to create WMA files with long path names
    • Fixed cursor positioning and text selection in right-to-left mode
    • Fixed cursor position calculation not respecting kerning on Windows 10
  • Updated codecs

    • updated Monkey's Audio to version 5.24
  • Updated translations

    • updated Serbian translations