Open source trips for EOS community members to find the optimal balance between WORK / LIFE (or LIFE / EOS) in Costa Rica 🌊
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"Learn to Surf. Hike a mountain. Build on EOS"

Sponsored by EOS Costa Rica

Media Partner Costa Rica Crypto


Join the conversation on our telegram channel telegram

What is EOSurf?

A whole new way to discover EOS and find the optimal balance between WORK and LIFE. Whether you’re a dApp developer, a block producer team, an adventurous token holder, or an executive looking to learn about EOS, you are welcome to join us. EOSurf allows you to participate in the EOS ecosystem while staying in a beautiful country, working, staying active and networking with other EOS professionals.

At EOSurf you can look forward to sunsets on the beach, jungle hikes or hacking til dawn while connecting with people from all over the planet.

Discover your true potential while learning new skills and refining your talents. Here you can develop your dApp or bring your team for some EOS networking. The idea is to leave inspired and energized to keep charging towards your goals.

What we offer

  • EOS for Executives: A trip designed for non-technical audiences looking to understand EOS and blockchain technology and how it can be applied in a business setting.
  • EOS for Developers: A trip designed for technical audiences looking to become expert EOS developers. Some programming experience is requiered by it can be tailored by levels.
  • EOS for Educators: A trip designed to train technical and non-technical advocates to become the next generation of EOS educators.

Trips are designed so there will be a reliable internet connection and office space available at all times for teams to continue their work during the trip. We understand that running a billion dollar blockchain network is a 24/7 operation so connectivity and work environments are priorities.

All group activities are optional and will take up half the day so there is always plenty of time to catch up with telegram, update to the latest release of nodeos, fix that bug in your code and all that fun stuff that EOS teams do.

Trips can also be customized to match specific goals for each team. Some examples include:

  • Hackathons
  • Development sprints
  • Content creation through media coverage / film + photography
  • Meetups and networking
  • Costa Rica Crypto Interview
  • Learning Sessions / Team Training
  • Recharge and focus on general wellness (exercise, healthy food, relaxation)

Preliminary Locations

  • Santa Teresa, Guanacaste
  • Jaco Beach
  • Manuel Antonio beach
  • Downtown San Jose
  • La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano
  • Puerto Viejo Beach, Limon
  • Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste

What’s Included?

When you come to a EOSurf trip we plan everything from the moment you step off the plane so that you can focus on your specific goals. Here’s exactly what we can offer in your stay…

  • Airport Transfers: We’ll transfer you to/from either Liberia or San Jose airport, or we can collect you from anywhere in Costa Rica, and bring you to the location, on whatever day works for you
  • Accomodations: We recommend 4-5 nights in a shared or private hotels or house rental. You can pick from a boutique hotel, co-living space or a hostel. Hammocks and camping tents also available for the more adventurous. We can offer all types of accommodation to fit the needs of every traveler and their teams.
  • All your activities: Surf a wave, chill on the beach, hike in the jungle or simply get lost in telegram on a hammock. No matter what adventure you choose, we want the experiences to blend fun and work to transform the way you travel.
  • Co-Working Space
  • Internet availability
  • Restaurant/ Bar Recommendations
  • Tours and Activities

…What’s Not Included?

Your flights to Costa Rica are not included but once you touch the ground in Liberia or San Jose, we’ve got you covered with logistics. Make sure to bring your own laptop and computer equipment as that will not be provided

Stay and Code

If you love Costa Rica and would like share your coding and developer knowledge, you can choose to stay longer and have the opportunity to offer your talents to the local community. We also plan on offering EOS specific developer "bounties" and an EOS Open Space so you can work and earn money while in Costa Rica. Keep in mind a longer stay would require prior travel visa approval.