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EOS Account Analyzer

This project acts as part of a data pipeline that feeds

The application takes as input a flat list of account names. It then:

  1. Fetches account information for each account
  2. Creates a CSV of the accounts and the respective balances.


  1. Install .NET core on your OS (Yes, this really works on Linux, and macOS) - easy to follow instructions can be found here

  2. Clone the supporting EOSDotNet project, this is used by the application

git clone
cd /EOSDotNet
  1. Clone the application repo
git clone
cd EOSAccountInfo

TODO: A note to reader .. it's planned to make EOSDotNet a submodule of EOSAccountInfo so that you don't need to check out and compile two different projects.


Simply running ./ will output help.

Currently two commands are supported Expand and Compare. Only the "Expand" command is suggested for use at this time.

./ Expand -h
Usage - EOSAccountAnalyzer Expand [<FilePath>] [<OutputPath>] [<Overwrite>] [<Apihost>] [<SkipDownload>] [<Zipoutput>] [<S3bucket>] [<S3profile>] [<UploadtoS3>] [<Resume>] [<ExcludeAccountsCreatedAfterMidnightUTC>]

Expand Options
Option                                        Description
FilePath (-F)                                 The path to the file containing the flat list of contacts you'd like to expand
OutputPath (-O)                               The path to the directory you'd like to output to
Overwrite (-Ov)                               If the output directory path exists, delete and create start with an empty directory. [Default='False']
Apihost (-A)                                  The url of the EOS API [Default='']
SkipDownload (-S)                             Process the files in the existing output directory. Do not re-download the data. [Default='False']
Zipoutput (-Z)                                The path to the ZIP file that will contain the raw data and summary file. [Default='']
S3bucket (-S3)                                The name of the S3 bucket that the compressed file will be uploaded to. [Default='eossnapshots-staticsitebucket-zp2kemxur4pw']
S3profile (-S3p)                              The name of the S3 profile which contains the required credentials for upload. [Default='publicwebsitefileupload']
UploadtoS3 (-U)                               Disable the upload to S3. [Default='False']
Resume (-R)                                   Resume downloads from where you left off (if you have SkipDownload = false). [Default='False']
ExcludeAccountsCreatedAfterMidnightUTC (-E)   Exclude accounts that were created after midnight UTC. All accounts will be processed but final output will exclude those created after midnight UTC [Default='True']

Example usage:

./ Expand -f ~/accountdata/acct_snapshot_uniq.txt -O ~/accountdata/output -A "http://localhost" -Z ~/accountdata/

The above command will produce a CSV file in ~/accountdata/output/balances.csv

example output

2018-06-10 01:04:13,111111111111,0.1003
2018-06-12 05:41:00.500000,111111111112,0.0000
2018-06-12 02:06:48,111111111113,0.0000
2018-06-12 05:54:12,111111111114,10.4640
2018-06-12 02:07:13.500000,111111111115,0.0000
2018-06-11 01:00:48.500000,11111111111a,0.2000
2018-06-11 01:22:09.500000,11111111111b,0.2000
2018-06-12 06:32:13.500000,11111111111c,0.0000
2018-06-12 06:33:40.500000,11111111111d,0.0000

S3 Authentication

Note that the file upload to S3 requires that the machine have a configured S3 authenticaiton profile.

For more information on S3 profiles see