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A simple example of a modern programming exercise

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license: MIT

This project has for purpose to show, with a simple example, how to use the EduTK Python library to make a programming exercise. It features a somewhat improved version of the Hello, World! program.

'Hello, World!'

Simply retrieve the repository (git clone, or get the corresponding ZIP file here), and, in a console, from the root directory, launch python You may (should) also use python3.

Alternatively, you can also use, so you have nothing to install on your computer. Follow this link, click on the green run button, select the language, and then click on the then displayed URL.

When the exercise is launched, a web browser will automatically be opened to give access to its interface, which you can see in the above picture. Scanning the displayed QR code with a mobile device like a smartphone gives access to the exercise on this device. is the English version of the exercise, and the, the French one. To adapt the exercise to another language, duplicate the or file in the workshop folder, and adapt the content to the desired language.

For the rationale behind this project, see to

This project is based on the Atlas toolkit. Other projects using this toolkit can be found here:


A simple example of a modern programming exercise







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