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ExtJSFormBundle for symfony2

Updated Oct 12, 2011


An abstract data store. Preview release, documentation coming soon.

Updated Aug 16, 2011


Helper Bundle for functional tests.

Updated Aug 9, 2011


Simple user and role management for Symfony2.

Updated Aug 9, 2011


Allows to publish various formats in a very easy way. All you need is an array.

Updated May 13, 2011


The Equinoxe coding guidelines as phpcs standard. We are using mainly the PEAR standard with some slight modifications to stick with the Symfony2 standard.

Updated Mar 30, 2011

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Integration of the Workflow Designer Oryx in any Symfony2 project. This is a modified version of the oryx editor using the current ExtJS version 3.3.1 and the BPMN2 stencil set. Readme coming soon.

Updated Mar 10, 2011

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