A revolutionary content management application made with Flask and MongoEngine
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Flask CMA, the "let's not focus on if this is a good idea or not edition"

Flask CMA is the merging of a wiki and a content management system. Any content object can be created at any URL simply be hitting the edit button.

This is an experiment in correcting flaws present in existing content systems with the following goals:

  • Any piece of content can be directly related to another piece of content
  • Any piece of content can be losely related by topic (tags) to another piece of content
  • Once published, URLs to piece of content can not change. These URLs are permalinks to a piece of content. Content can only be redirected perminately or deleted.
  • Admin sites are for losers. Allow direct manipulation of content on the URL it lives on by authorized users.
  • Any related content, either directly related or losely related can be fetch on the fly in the template. Caching should be transparent to the template designers.

Note: This was an experiment. It's probably not a good idea to look at this.