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An implementation of PHP's strip_tags in Node.js
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striptags Build Status

An implementation of PHP's strip_tags in Node.js.

Note: v3+ targets ES6, and is therefore incompatible with the master branch of uglifyjs. You can either:

  • use babili, which supports ES6
  • use the harmony branch of uglifyjs
  • stick with the 2.x.x branch


  • Fast
  • Zero dependencies
  • 100% test code coverage
  • No unsafe regular expressions


npm install striptags

Basic Usage

striptags(html, allowed_tags, tag_replacement);


var striptags = require('striptags');

var html =
    '<a href="">' +
        'lorem ipsum <strong>dolor</strong> <em>sit</em> amet' +

striptags(html, '<strong>');
striptags(html, ['a']);
striptags(html, [], '\n');


'lorem ipsum dolor sit amet'
lorem ipsum <strong>dolor</strong> sit amet'
'<a href="">lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</a>'
lorem ipsum 

Streaming Mode

striptags can also operate in streaming mode. Simply call init_streaming_mode to get back a function that accepts HTML and outputs stripped HTML. State is saved between calls so that partial HTML can be safely passed in.

let stream_function = striptags.init_streaming_mode(

let partial_text = stream_function(partial_html);
let more_text    = stream_function(more_html);

Check out test/striptags-test.js for a concrete example.


You can run tests (powered by mocha) locally via:

npm test

Generate test coverage (powered by istanbul) via :

npm run coverage

Doesn't use regular expressions

striptags does not use any regular expressions for stripping HTML tags.

Regular expressions are not capable of preventing all possible scripting attacks (see this). Here is a great StackOverflow answer regarding how strip_tags (when used without specifying allowableTags) is not vulnerable to scripting attacks.

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