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Amazon Alexa Skill: Seizure Tracker

This repository is for development of an Amazon Alexa skill that can be used on Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices to track epileptic seizures via

The Amazon Alexa Skill can be enabled at and requires a (free) account!

How does this thing work?

Account linking

A users Alexa account/device must be linked to their account in order for the skill to function at all.

Linking an Amazon Alexa account to a account is done within login.php where OAuth is used.

Voice commands

When a voice command is made to the Seizure Tracker Alexa skill, Amazon POSTs JSON HTTPS requests to seizure.php - which includes the users "intent" as determined by Amazon.

Amazon determines a users intent using a custom JSON configuration defined for the skill by the skill developer. In this case, the JSON configuration for the intent model is defined per configuration.json.

If a voice command request is valid and for one of the three primary functions of the skill, then the contents of a request is forwarded from seizure.php to the handle_seizure PHP function within

Primary functions

There are three primary functions within (which is called by seizure.php) that interact with the API to do the following things via Alexa voice commands:

Alexa Intent PHP Function Purpose
CountSeizures count_seizures Count seizures that have occurred today
AddSeizure add_seizure Track a new seizure
EndSeizure end_seizure Mark a (previously tracked) seizure as having ended

Future Plans?

Including these capabilities could be useful:

  • Track whether seizure medication was taken
  • Track vagal nerve stimulator (VNS) usage

"Flash Briefing" ideas:

  • Medication reminder
  • Announce count of seizures for the prior day