A dataset with political datasets
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A dataset with political datasets


A collection of political datasets. The datasets are listed below within specific categories: cabinets, citizens, constitutions, political institutions, parties and politicians, democracy, economics, elections, international relations, media, policy, political elites. All datasets are listed in the datasets in the repository (.xlsx, .csv, .Rdata, .sav) with detailed information on the topics, coverage and availability of the respective datasets.

Variables in the dataset

  • name = Name of dataset
  • category = Dataset category (cabinets, citizens etc.)
  • link = URL to dataset
  • topics= Specific topics of interest in the dataset
  • country = Name of country (for single country datasets)
  • region_africa = Country in African Group (United Nations Regional Groups of Member States)
  • region_asia = Country in Asia-Pacific Group (United Nations Regional Groups of Member States)
  • region_easteurope = Country in Eastern European Group (United Nations Regional Groups of Member States)
  • region_latinamerica = Country in Latin American and Caribbean Group (United Nations Regional Groups of Member States)
  • region_westeurope = Country in Western European and Others Group (United Nations Regional Groups of Member States)
  • year_start = Time coverage, year start
  • year_end = Time coverage, year end
  • availability = Availability of dataset
  • registration = Requirements for data access
  • free= Free access to data (1 = Yes, 0 = No)
  • file_codebook = URL to documentation (usually .pdf)
  • file_csv = URL to dataset (.csv)
  • file_dta = URL to dataset (.dta)
  • file_sav = URL to dataset (.sav)
  • file_excel = URL to dataset (Excel)
  • file_r = URL to dataset (.Rdata)
  • file_zip = URL to data package (.zip)
  • variable_country = Name of country string variable
  • variable_year = Name of year variable
  • variable_cow = Name of Correlates of War numeric identifier variable
  • doi_article = DOI for article on dataset
  • doi_dataset = DOI for dataset
  • revised = Date for last revision in PolData (ISO 8601, YYYYMMDD)
  • note = Additional info

Something missing?

Make a new issue in the repository or send me a mail at E.G.Larsen@kent.ac.uk.

Cabinets and parliaments





Opinion polls


Political institutions

Parties and politicians





International relations



Political elites


Additional overviews of datasets


For help and dataset suggestions, thanks to Daniel Bischof, Jon H. Fiva, Martijn Schoonvelde, Shiro Kuriwaki, Niclas Darville, Alexey Gridnev, Anne-Kathrin Kreft, Feodor Snagovsky, Joe Noonan, Michael Strebel, Felix Haass, Simon Straubinger and Agnar Freyr Helgason.