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lithe - My First Attempt at a Blog in the Lithium Framework

Lithium - Lithium is a light, fast, and highly configurable framework for PHP 5.3+

I do plan on using and testing this project in the wild for active sites, once I get everything working. In fact I will be using it before I have it finished as soon as I can edit and post. Tired of Wordpress and it's hugeness. I can get a lot of the functionality I need easily just simply switching to MongoDB instead of MySql and Lithium makes it easy.

Progress is going pretty well. The learning curve with lithium is fast with speed bumps every now and then. But each speed bump makes you faster next time around and the learning curve is easier afterwards.

After learning the base MVC struture of Lithium, digest filters and helpers. That was where most of my speed bumps came from.

Blog Post Here

Currently stopped development on this and an working on this Lithium Question and Answer app. Will be coming back to it though.


  • Basic Posts - title, body,tags
  • Authenticated users
  • Only authenticated users can add users or create posts
  • Twitter Bootstrap added
  • Added posts to home page
  • Tags page
  • Sidebar Tags
  • Sidebar Recent Posts
  • Edit Posts
  • Pagination
  • Post Slugs
  • Add salt to hashing
  • Site configuration using ali3
  • 4 access levels and permissions


  • Pages
  • Pages menu in top bar
  • Author Profile and Authorship
  • Meta Tags
  • Post Status
  • Complete Form Validation
  • Comment Moderation
  • HTML and MD editor
  • Categories based on tag groups
    • Intersections of tags
    • Bidirectional filterable tags
    • Tag model for tag level attributes (sortable tags)
  • Silo site structure
  • Unique user email
  • XML Sitemap
  • Piwik analytics
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