prove of concept using angularjs (1.x) accessing github api
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AngularJS GitHub Info

Node Dependencies Node devDependencies

This application is based on: AngularJS GitHub Contributors App | GitHub

By @ErkoBridee


View the app AngularJS GitHub Info.


Install AngularJS GitHub Info

Enter the following commands in the terminal.

$ git clone
$ cd angularjs-github-info/
$ npm install

pre install will execute tools/scripts/setup.js, that will check and install node global packages [gulp, bower] if you are running on unix/mac machine, please run sudo npm install


  • Must have Git installed

  • Must have node.js (at least v0.12) installed with npm (Node Package Manager)

  • Must have gulp node package installed globally. [sudo] npm install -g gulp

  • Must have Bower node package installed globally. [sudo] npm install -g bower

Gulp commands

If you want to know more about Gulp usage in this project, check [GitHub] soudev / gulp-steps. This project is based on step 04.

  • gulp - development mode, prepare files, watch changes and start server on port 1337

  • gulp --preview - generate deploy version (gulp --release) on dist directory and start server on port 1337 looking to this directory

  • gulp --publish - publish deploy version files on gh-pages branch

    • gulp --init - create local directory with github repository on gh-pages branch