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Innovative tools for collaborative writing.

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  1. 📝 A syntax-aware linter for prose built with speed and extensibility in mind.

    Go 1.1k 60

  2. 🖥️ A cross-platform desktop app for Vale. Integrates with Atom, VS Code, Sublime Text 3, Google Docs, Chrome, and more!

    JavaScript 19 10

  3. 📦 A collection of pre-packaged, Vale-compatible style guides ready to be installed from your Vale Server dashboard!

    Python 37 6

  4. An online tool to build, test, and share Vale rules.

    5 1

  5. :octocat: The official GitHub Action for Vale -- install, manage, and run Vale with ease.

    TypeScript 56 10

  6. A collection of officially-maintained add-ons for Vale.


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