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Expose eclipse features inside of vim.
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.settings set eclim src javadoc dest to doc/api
ant update docs to support publishing to github pages
bin update bin/dependencies
doc update docs for eclim 2.5.0 release
org.eclim.adt adt changed their feature id as of 23.0.0
org.eclim.cdt update cdt/php/ruby tests for latest eclim search behavior
org.eclim.core fix ProjectImportCommand for mars release
org.eclim.dltk convert python support to pydev
org.eclim.dltkruby add some more sleeps to org.eclim.dltkruby.test
org.eclim.groovy update groovy classpath for eclipse local support
org.eclim.installer update installer resources for eclipse 4.5 (mars)
org.eclim.jdt fix java doc comment formatting + update test for eclipse 4.5 (mars)
org.eclim.pdt fix php complete for eclipse 4.5 (mars)
org.eclim.pydev fix pydev CodeCompleteCommand for latest pydev api
org.eclim.sdt fix scala ImportCommand for latest scala-ide api
org.eclim.vimplugin add 'Delete' to list of eclipse key bindings to disable on gvim focus
org.eclim.wst add g:EclimHtmlUnclosedTags setting
org.eclim add bundle to fix validation of eclim presentation engine
patch fix patch task names in README
.agignore add ag ignore file
.classpath post groovy support merge cleanup
.gitignore update docs to support publishing to github pages
.gitmodules switch to unpatched sphinx + twitter bootstrap theme
.project Resolve #25 Groovy support for Eclim.
LICENSE eclim license changed from apache 2 to GPLv3
NOTICE added ISourceViewer implementation for the vimplugin editor
README.rst switch to unpatched sphinx + twitter bootstrap theme
build.xml move ant version checking from build.gant to build.xml
copyright add copyright file for insertion in javadocs
notes.txt new vimplugin todo item: open in eclipse from vim


Welcome to Eclim on GitHub


The primary goal of eclim is to bring Eclipse functionality to the Vim editor.

  • For more details, please visit
  • If you have any questions, you can post them to the eclim user mailing list.
  • If you would like to report a bug or feature request, feel free to create a new issue here on github.

Emacs / TextMate Users

Be sure to check out the eclim clients being developed for your editor of choice:


Eclim is released under the GPLv3.

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