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Annotated ECMAScript 5

This repo holds a document that provides an annotated HTML view of ECMA 262, the ECMAScript Language Specification (5th edition). The annotations are intended to be collaboratively maintained.

How to contribute annotations

If you would like to contribute annotations, here are the preferred steps:

  1. If you don’t have one already, create a GitHub user account.

  2. Use the GitHub Web UI to create your own fork of the es5-spec git repository and check it out to make a local es5-spec workspace.

  3. Create the annotation in your workspace, using the next two steps.

  4. To make an annotation for, for example, section of the ES5 specification, create a file in the anno subdirectory of your local es5-spec workspace named x10.2.1.2.html (note the literal x at the beginning of the filename.

  5. Add your content to that file. The contents of the file should be an HTML document fragment (not a complete document—you should omit the html, head, and body elements).

  6. Add a copyright statement with your name and e-mail address to the anno/LICENSE.txt file. Note that by adding a copyright statement with your name and e-mail address to that file, you are agreeing to contribute your annotations under the terms of the license described in that file.

  7. Commit the new annotation and updated anno/LICENSE.txt to your local git repository, then push it to your GitHub es5-spec fork.

  8. Send a GitHub es5-spec pull request so that your change can be committed into the upstream source.


It is important to note that Annotated ECMAScript 5 is not a normative version of the ECMAScript spec. Though it does include the full text of the spec, it is in fact a completely non-normative derivative work based on the spec—strictly for the purpose of explaining the spec and assisting in its implementation.

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