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This is a hack to disable the HDCP encryption in HDMI splitters that use
the chipsets from Explore Semiconductor, e.g. EP9132, EP9134, EP9142.

For full description, see

The code should be compiled and written to an Atmel ATTINY9 microcontroller,
the fuse bits should be left on the factory default of 0xFF.

NOTE: The -O3 compiler optimisation flag is critical. 

The microcontroller should be patched into the splitter as follows:

Pin 1: Connect to I2C clock between splitter IC and main MCU
Pin 2: Connect to ground
Pin 3: Connect to I2C data between splitter IC and main MCU
Pin 4: No Connect, there is a debug signal on this pin, it goes
       high when it is overriding a bit on the I2C bus
Pin 5: Connect to 3.3V
Pin 6: No Connect, reset pin, pulled high internally.

For better noise immunity, opptionally connect a 0.1uF capacitor between
pins 2 and 5, and a 1K resistor between pin 1 and the I2C clock signal.

The hack works because the HDMI splitter IC contains a HDMI receiver
that works autonomously with its own HDCP keys. There are then two
separate HDMI transmitters that need an external MCU to perform HDCP
key exchange for them. 

The main MCU polls a register within the splitter IC to determine 
whether HDCP encryption is currently in use by the receiver. If it is
then it blanks the output of the transmitters and attempts to preform
key exchange with whatever is conneced, only re-enabling the transmitters
once key exchange is successful and it has enabled encryption for the

The encryption status of the receiver is signalled by bit 4 of register 7
in the splitter IC. It is 0 if encryption is not enabled, it is 1 if
encryption is enabled.

The hack MCU watches the I2C bus and whenever register 7 is read, it pulls
the data line low for bit 4 so that it always appears that there is no
encryption on the incoming signal. The main MCU then never enables encryption
for the transmitters and the splitter has become an HDCP stripper.


Hack to disable HDCP in HDMI splitters using Explore Semiconductor chip sets



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