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React Starter Boilerplate with Hot Module Replacement and Webpack 4


  • React 16
  • React Router 4
  • Semantic UI as the CSS Framework
  • Hot Module Replacement
  • CSS Autoprefixer
  • CSS Modules with SourceMap
  • Stage 1 Preset
  • Webpack 4
  • Code splitting by Route and Vendor
  • Webpack Bundle Analyzer
  • Take a look at package.json


Install dependencies

$ yarn

Run development server

$ yarn dev


$ yarn build

Will create a dist directory containing your compiled code.

Depending on your needs, you might want to do more optimization to the production build.

Webpack Bundle Analyzer

Run in development

$ yarn dev:bundleanalyzer

Run on the production oprimized build

$ yarn build:bundleanalyzer


Visit my blog entry where I go step-by-step on how to build this boilerplate from scratch.

Giving Back

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-Esau Silva