Yet another chart component. Also a play on the venerable "yacc" compiler tool
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Yet another chart component. Also a play on the venerable "yacc" parser-generator tool. Yes, I've used it, and know all about LR(1) parsers!

Demo It!

The demo application in the solution is available in Windows Store so you don't have to build it from source.

Get It!

From Package Manager Console:

   PM> Install-Package eScapeLLC.UWP.Charts

NuGet version

Package page on

Or Build It

If you are rebuilding the demo application and/or test projects (e.g. because you forked or cloned this repo), you must re-generate the PFX file(s), because they are excluded from repository by .gitignore.

  • In Solution Explorer, double-click the app manifest file.
  • In the Manifest Designer, go to the Packaging tab.
  • Click on Choose Certificate.
  • Follow the instructions to make a new test certificate.
  • Build away!

Screen Shot

This is the current demo chart in the solution (subject to last-minute tweaking): yacc demo screen shot

API Documentation

The details of all the classes etc. used in YACC can be found at our documentation page in the API section.

More Info

Please check out the Wiki to learn more about the guts of YACC and rendering and linear algebra in general!

Please consult the other features of this github repository to find out the current state of affairs, or to contribute.

Nuget Releases

NuGet version


More features and fixes. Contains breaking changes so be sure to check the milestone page!

See the Milestone page.


Fixes due to sizing causing ArgumentException.

See the Milestone page.


More features and fixes.

See the Milestone page.


More features and fixes.

See the Milestone page.


More features and fixes.

Since we were more organized this release, please see the Milestone page.


Some breaking changes, sorry about that! As always, consult the demo chart XAML; it's currently the reference.

  • For each following item, see the Demo Chart XAML for details.
  • PathStyle et al is the biggest break.
    • make sure to apply a Style to your chart components, or you may get "invisible"!
  • HorizontalBand new decoration. Tracks two non-series values with a fill in between two horizontal rules.
  • Background new decoration. Basic fill/stroke path of data series area.
  • ValueAxisGrid is now its own decoration, and not part of the Axis component.
  • MarkerSeries now uses a normalized coordinate system (0..1, 0..1) for the marker geometry.
    • current the marker must be a Geometry.
    • marker center is (.5,.5).
  • Major fixes to the linear algebra for the graphics, primarily impacting MarkerSeries.
  • Lots of internal fixes/improvements you won't notice.
  • Other new properties. Sorry, rely on auto-complete in VS for now.


Initial release.