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shal commented Jun 23, 2018

Output of helm version:

Client: &version.Version{SemVer:"v2.9.1", GitCommit:"20adb27c7c5868466912eebdf6664e7390ebe710", GitTreeState:"clean"}
Server: &version.Version{SemVer:"v2.9.1", GitCommit:"20adb27c7c5868466912eebdf6664e7390ebe710", GitTreeState:"clean"}

Output of kubectl version:

Client Version: version.Info{Major:"1", Minor:"9", GitVersion:"v1.9.7", GitCommit:"d
valscion commented May 23, 2018

We would like to avoid confusion like we have in webpack-contrib/webpack-bundle-analyzer#185

We could document statsFilename and reportFilename options allowing the use of an absolute file path like /path/to/folder so that people would know it's supported.

Let us know in this issue if you would like to contribute to this!

chamabreu commented Jun 1, 2021

Describe the bug
If I pass 'Next 7 days' into the dateRange in query, the response is not a range over the next 7 days but only the day IN 7 days.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Build a query like this:
const query: Query = {
    measures: [
    timeDimensions: [
        dimension: 'Your.Dimension,
        dateRange: 'Next 7


leeoniya commented Dec 14, 2019

it's becoming more time-consuming and error-prone to manually re-test all the demos following internal refactorings and API adjustments.

now that the API is fleshed out a bit, it's possible to test a large amount of code (non-granularly) without having to simulate all interactions via Puppeteer or similar.

a lot of code can already be regression-tested by simply running all the demos and val

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