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Fandomstats runs on Google App Engine.

Dev Setup

  1. Install Dependencies
  2. python
  3. pip: python
  4. Everything else: from the top level folder run: pip install -r dependencies.txt
  5. Generate secret keys for CSRF protection by running script at src/application/, which will generate the secret keys module at src/application/
  6. Install the latest Google App Engine SDK from:
  7. run curl | bash and follow the prompts
  8. restart your terminal (so the $PATH updates)
  9. authenticate to Google Cloud Platform by running gcloud auth login
  10. test running the app with (below). If you get "command not found":
  11. check if the Python components are installed: gcloud components list (it's in the first table)
  12. if not, install them with gcloud components update pkg-python

Run the app:

gcloud preview app run src/app.yaml

(it might ask you to 'set your project' - use the application ID in app.yaml)

Old way of doing this (might work if you haven't updated GAE recently): src/

Environment runs at http://localhost:8080

Run tests:

python path/to/your/googleappengine/installation

If you want to run only one test class or only some of the tests (i.e. only the integration tests), you can use the --test-pattern argument, like this:

python path/to/your/googleappengine/installation --test-pattern=integration* python path/to/your/googleappengine/installation

### Deploy the app: update src/

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