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The primary feature of fandomstats is a JSON REST API that uses website scraping to gather information about works on the fannish website Archive Of Our Own.

Beside that, it also offers a graphing frontend for this API, some documentation, as well as other tools: the AO3 bookmark viewer and Random AO3 work search.

The project is not in active development anymore, but the goal is to keep it running as long as possible - if you notice it's not working, or find a major bug, please create an issue.



  • python>=3.4. (tested with 3.8.5)
  • pip (comes with python3.4+)


  1. Create a virtualenv
    1. python3 -m venv venv
    2. . venv/bin/activate
  2. Install dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Generate secret keys for CSRF protection by running script at src/application/, which will generate the secret keys module at src/application/
  4. Set Flask environment variables:
    • FLASK_APP=src/
    • FLASK_ENV=development


flask run

The app is served at localhost:5000

Or, if you want to build the static files: cd src && python3


WIP, currently broken. Should work like this:

python path/to/your/googleappengine/installation

If you want to run only one test class or only some of the tests (i.e. only the integration tests), you can use the --test-pattern argument, like this:

python path/to/your/googleappengine/installation --test-pattern=integration*
python path/to/your/googleappengine/installation

Deploy the app

We don't have a deploy process right now. (My idea is to set up GitHub actions, but... who knows.)