UI testing of the Logistics application.
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License: MIT Build status

Project for UI testing the Logistics application. The test is based on Selenium and is executed through Maven (installation required).


Besides Maven, the test also requires the installation of the Firefox web browser, and the use of geckodriver, for enabling Selenium to interact with Firefox. Dowload it from https://github.com/mozilla/geckodriver/releases and extract it into the project folder.

Unfortunately the test fails if newest versions of geckodriver are used. Please use the version v0.20.1 while this issue is open: wget -c https://github.com/mozilla/geckodriver/releases/download/v0.20.1/geckodriver-v0.20.1-linux64.tar.gz -O - | tar -xz.

Running the test

In order to run the test, execute the command mvn test -Dpage.url=<logistics_url> -Dwebdriver.gecko.driver=geckodriver, replacing <logistics_url> with the URL where the Logistics application is available. The command mvn test -Dpage.url=http://www.esign.com.br/logistics -Dwebdriver.gecko.driver=geckodriver, for example, executes the test against the instance of the application at http://www.esign.com.br/logistics.

The test opens the Firefox web browser and validates the Logistics application functionalities like it was an ordinary user, but in an automatic manner. If the page.url parameter was not defined, be sure the application is available on http://localhost:8080/logistics, the default URL.

Headless mode

You can also prevent the Firefox web browser from openning, by adding the option -Dheadless=true. In this scenario, everything happens in the background, you are not able to see the web application while the tests run.