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New features and enhancements #5

merged 7 commits into from Feb 9, 2012

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I've been integrating lhttpc with Apache CouchDB (to replace ibrowse), but it lacked a few features that are currently supported by ibrowse. This pull requests adds those features and enhances the httpc connection pool (so that it can replace the custom one from CouchDB).

I also made a pull request to Oscar, but it's been a long time and got no feedback:



fdmanana added some commits Oct 8, 2011
@fdmanana fdmanana Add support for HTTP basic auth
Also enhanced the lhttpc_lib:parse_url/1 to parse
credentials as specified in RFC1738 - before if user
credentials were specified, this function would consider
that what follows the first : is the port and not a
@fdmanana fdmanana Add support for IPv6
If an URL targets an IPv6 host, lhttpc will now pass the
inet6 option to the socket automatically.
This also fixes 2 bugs:

1) in lhttpc_lib:parse_url/1 when the host component is an IPv6
   address literal - the parser thinks that what follows the
   first : is a port number;

2) for IPv6 address literals, the Host header must surround those
   literals in square brackets (RFC2732)
@fdmanana fdmanana Add support for proxies
This change adds support for HTTP proxies that allow the HTTP
CONNECT method tunneling [1, 2]. Tested against Squid 3.1.15.

@fdmanana fdmanana Add connection limit to lhttpc_manager
This allows the connection pool (lhttpc_manager) to
block clients, when they request a socket, when the
current number of open sockets/connection reaches a
certain (configurable) threshold.
@fdmanana fdmanana Add test connection_timeout to lhttpc_manager_tests
This test verifies that the lhttpc_manager pool closes sockets
if they are not used after a configurable period of time.
@fdmanana fdmanana Allow different clients to use different pools
This change allows different clients to use different connection
pools (lhttpc_manager instances). This is useful when we have
several different applications or process groups which are
independent and shouldn't share the same pool.
It also reduces the overhead of messaging a single centralized pool.
@fdmanana fdmanana Add eunit verbose option to rebar.config
This helps better identifying which tests fail and
give a notion of progress/staleness.

maybe {local, ?MODULE}?

Yes, you're right, the intention was {local, ?MODULE}.
Thanks for noticing it :)

@paulgray paulgray merged commit 1b3457e into esl:master Feb 9, 2012
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