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Docs: add 'stricter rule config validating' in migrating docs (#11905)

* Docs: add 'stricter rule config validating' in migrating docs

* Docs: fix typo
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@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ The lists below are ordered roughly by the number of users each change is expect
1. [`eslint:recommended` has been updated](#eslint-recommended-changes)
1. [Plugins and shareable configs are no longer affected by ESLint's location](#package-loading-simplification)
1. [The default parser now validates options more strictly](#espree-validation)
1. [Rule configuration are validated more strictly](#rule-config-validating)
1. [The `no-redeclare` rule is now more strict by default](#no-redeclare-updates)
1. [The `comma-dangle` rule is now more strict by default](#comma-dangle-updates)
1. [The `no-confusing-arrow` rule is now more lenient by default](#no-confusing-arrow-updates)
@@ -111,6 +112,22 @@ If you use a config file located outside of a local project (with the `--config`

**Related issue(s):** [eslint/eslint#9687](, [eslint/espree#384](

## <a name="rule-config-validating"></a> Rule configuration are validated more strictly

To catch config errors earlier, ESLint v6 will report a linting error if you are trying to configure a non-existent rule.

config | ESLint v5 | ESLint v6
------------- | ------------- | -------------
`/*eslint-enable foo*/` | no error | linting error
`/*eslint-disable(-line) foo*/` | no error | linting error
`/*eslint foo: 0*/` | no error | linting error
`{rules: {foo: 0}}` | no error | no error
`{rules: {foo: 1}` | linting warning | linting error

**To address:** You can remove the non-existent rule in your (inline) config.

**Related issue(s):** [eslint/eslint#9505](

## <a name="no-redeclare-updates"></a> The `no-redeclare` rule is now more strict by default

The default options for the [`no-redeclare`]( rule have changed from `{ builtinGlobals: false }` to `{ builtinGlobals: true }`. Additionally, the `no-redeclare` rule will now report an error for globals enabled by comments like `/* global foo */` if those globals were already enabled through configuration anyway.

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